SoftElegance U.K is a company that provides dedicated development teams for custom software development projects with focus on sophisticated business software and SaaS systems.

Founded in 1993, SoftElegance is a custom software development company that has been providing reliable services for development of SaaS systems, business processes automation software, engineering applications, and sophisticated business solutions. A variety of companies ranging from dynamic small and medium to Fortune 500, across oil and gas, drilling, engineering, and manufacturing industries, use SoftElegance's software development outsourcing services. Headquartered in London SoftElegance assists customers in delivering innovative software solutions on a global scale worldwide.

Get the best software development talents without the heavy expense of hiring a full-time employee

Dedicated development teams, extension of the existing development team for bespoke software development.

London based custom software developers company offers to the customers the best development teams with focus to launch software into production. That is the best low-cost alternative to on-site development teams together with excellent technical skills pool, experience, and knowledge.

Over the past two decades, SoftElegance has assisted to dozens of clients on approximately hundred of projects in the following areas:

  • Business Software;
  • Sophisticated Business Portals;
  • SaaS systems.

Dedicated development team facility is an extension of client's own development center or set-up new outsourcing team. Through such dedicated facilities, the client company acquires access to the best skill sets, resources, and flexibility advantages. The dedicated facility also provides a cost effective solution to customers, requiring continuous offshore support with their intellectual property rights and sensitive data protect.

The advantages of using SoftElegance's dedicated developers for bespoke software development are:

  • Option to start with one dedicated expert;
  • Pre-screen each team member;
  • Vast pool of ICT resources with diverse experience;
  • Rapid team scaling;
  • Ready to use IT infrastructure;
  • Direct contact and control of developer;
  • Adjustable working hours to suite operations;
  • Adoption of client's processes and methodology;
  • Transparent processes and comprehensive reporting;
  • Client's complete control over project flow;
  • Intellectual property rights and sensitive data protection;
  • Access to SoftElegance's development best practices.

SoftElegance committed to innovations to provide clients with significant gains of developers knowledge and experience, competitive advantages in the cost of developers. Keeping up a philosophy of clients comfort, high quality of deliverables, flexible business approaches, focusing on cutting edge tools and technologies, and the most important providing customers with the complete control and project management on the client's side.

Case Studies:

Software Frameworks for Business Software.

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SoftElegance U.K. is a software developers outsourcing company, specializing in providing developers for sophisticated business software development.


Dedicated development teams and extension of existing software development capabilities for bespoke software development customized for the U.K. companies.


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London, SW7 4EF
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