SoftElegance provides dedicated development teams to keep clients comfort giving total control over the project. Custom software development services are focused of launching sophisticated business software into production, with the teams that are based in Eastern Europe.

Dedicated development team is a proven business model for outsourcing. This business model combines advantages of highly skilled and affordable outsourced resources with the full client's control over project management.

With DDT model companies can hire developers with flexible terms to work on development, maintenance, quality control, and documentation. Dedicated developers is an excellent solution if customer requires complete control over human and technical resources involved in the development process.

Outsourcing of software development team features a high level of transparency, security, flexibility, and scalability. It is the best choice if clients needs dedicated development team of high-qualified professionals who can correspond IT requirements and business objectives.

Dedicated development teams operate on customer’s schedule. All infrastructure and personnel are at client’s disposal. Clients retain all intellectual property rights, complete control over project objectives and benefit from developers skills and experience in the most up-to-date technologies, without the heavy expense of hiring a full-time employee.

SoftElegance provides developers who can seamlessly integrate with customers existing IT and development teams. Besides excellent software development skills SoftElegance offers developers with knowledge and experience in various software development methodologies, such as RUP for small and medium size teams or DevOps — for continuous software development and support.

Dedicated development teams are over complete client's management and can seamlessly integrate with customer existing IT personnel and development teams. The team operates on client's schedule. All infrastructure and personnel are at customer's disposal with daily rate. Client retains all intellectual property rights and have the security of knowing that developers adhere to SoftElegance’s best practices.

Dedicated teams for bespoke software development:

SaaS and sophisticated business software development.

Experience and knowledge in particular industry are extremely important for business software and SaaS development. Start now

Retail and POS

The first software project for the customer from retail industry was developed in 1997. Since that time it was successfully launched into production several POS systems and other sophisticated business software for retailers.

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas operations reporting software was developed using SoftElegance dedicated development team. More than 7 years ago system was successfully launched into production, now it is a leading SaaS system for oil and gas industry with ongoing development and support.

Engineering and Manufacturing

Over the decade SoftElegance provides business processes automation software systems, custom software solutions, and business applications for the equipment manufacturers, engineering companies, and heavy industry factories.