SoftElegance U.K. is a trade mark of SE Project Management Ltd., a corporation existing under the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Since 1993, to the clients was provided affordable custom software development services, software development consulting and dedicated development teams. SoftElegance U.K. is a company that provides software developers, together with software development best practices, and experience launching sophisticated business projects into production.

Through working with dozens of clients on almost hundred of projects, SoftElegance has developed streamlined processes for communicating with clients and ensuring that software development is completed on time and within budget. Developers are located in the one office and are able to share successful experience and knowledge among different teams.


  • 2014 – SoftElegance U.K. become an active player at the U.K.'s software development market, participating in such exhibitions as Retail Business Technology Expo in London, International Festival for Business in Liverpool, etc.

  • 2013 – SE Project Management company a corporation under the U.K. low founded, London became SoftElegance's headquarters.

  • 2012 – First Scandinavian customer, additional valuable experience in sophisticated SaaS development.

  • 2010 – Successfully launched into production core business processes automation custom software for one of the major equipment manufactures in the U.S. Business Intelligence and additional modules are in development now.

  • 2009 – Company moved into the new, comfortable, and quiet Kyiv's development center.

  • 2007 – After approximately one year of development mission critical application for multinational corporation successfully launched into production.

  • 2006 – The first SaaS system for the customer from oil and gas industry launched into production. Software is in active development phase together with support of active customers.

  • 2004 – SoftElegance got enough software development experience to start working for the customer from FORTUNE 500 list.

  • 2002 – SoftElegance USA company was founded to support customers from the U.S.

  • 1998 – Custom software development project for the client from retail industry was started. SoftElegance still working with this customer, and next generation of software is coming up.

  • 1996 – SoftElegance won a contest and became a member of a business incubator for software development companies supported by the U.S. government.

  • 1993 – Software development outsourcing company founded in Kyiv. Based on graduates of Polytechnic University and young scientists of Institute of Cybernetics. First project for the U.S. customer.

Over the past several years, providing dedicated development team has become a very popular outsourcing option. After careful analyzing the results of applying this method worldwide, SoftElegance adjusted processes in order to archive the highest quality standards, better scheduling capabilities, and budget control. SoftElegance continuously applying this rectified system in order to attain full clients satisfaction and project's success.

Knowledge management allows projects to be successful:

The average annual staff turnover at SoftElegance is 4.9%.

More than 20 years in custom software development to archive customer's business goals and focus on software success. See more

Software as a Service

Several sophisticated SaaS systems were launched into production during the last decade. SoftElegance among not so many outsourcing companies experienced successfully develop and support Software as a Service in production.

Sophisticated Business Software

With more than 20 years experience in custom software development business, SoftElegance got the valuable expertise for development sophisticated business software.

Software Frameworks

SoftElegance has developed several software frameworks and API to use in business applications and for product development. Consultants and data analysts assist the client with the simple initial integration and configuration.